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hiya, i was too busy today to go food shopping and as we havent much in we thought we would get fish and chips as havent had any for ages we normally go to a lovely one but they dont open tuesdays so we went to another local one, this one is a bit more up market The man and wife who run it seem a bit lardy dar im not as keen on their fish as the other but anyway i was out voted.

We went there a few months ago and i asked for scraps and she said they dont give scraps even though you can see piles of the stuff sat there in the warmer, i asked why and she said the bags cost money they go in, but usually i just have mine dumped on top anyway i arent fussed about a bag and she was like oh ok thuoght you wanted them for all the items - no just me so she very reluctantly put a sprinkle on.

finally - scraps are the little pieces of batter that come away from the fish etc whilst being fried, Chip shops normally scoop them up and will but them on your chips if you ask for them, as i said before also called batter in the NE. first of all - yay someone else who calls them scraps!

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Men are also sometimes advised to pay a woman a backhanded compliment, such as: ‘I like your nails. ’But this too could backfire, the British Science Festival heard.

Dr Boynton, who has an agony column in More magazine, said: ‘The idea of doing that is you unsettle the woman you are talking to – you reinforce yourself as this alpha-male type who is confident and powerful.‘The downside with that is most women who are confident and assertive will be offended or certainly think it is odd.’And while body language plays a part in romance, most of us have little idea how to read it, or how to alter it convincingly, she said.

because I can see myself in them You like exotic animals? ” Can I stick my Willy wonka in your chocolate factory! ‘Cause you’ve been running through my mind all day Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m rubbish at poems – show me your tits Hey baby, do you like seafood? I know a cracking owl sanctuary (Alan Partridge) Would you like to come to a party?

Cos you’re the only ten I see Do you have a mirror down your pants? Because Yo-delicious If I flip a coin…whats the chance of me getting head? It must be 15 minutes fast Just sit on my lap and we’ll talk about the first thing that pops up Are you legs hurting?

first of all - yay someone else who calls them scraps! I mean, you might get some free scraps which means you won't buy mushy peas or a pickled egg.

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